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‘Annie Ernaux and us’ at the French Institute, Edinburgh

‘Annie Ernaux and us’ at the French Institute, Edinburgh published on

The Scottish French Institute will celebrate Annie Ernaux’s Nobel Prize in Literature. The event will emphasise the universal dimension of Ernaux’s work started in the 1970s and focus on the reader’s experience. Book excerpts will be read to the audience, and a discussion will examine some of the key themes in Ernaux’s work, at the crossroad between literature, sociology, history, politics and feminism. Attendants will comment on the significance of her texts in their lives.

Participants: Fabien Arribert-Narce (Edinburgh), Tamzin Elliott (Edinburgh), Catherine Guiat (IFE), Elise Hugueny-Léger (St-Andrews), Caroline Verdier (Strathclyde), Ed Welch (Aberdeen)

Annie Ernaux and us, Thursday 26 January at 6pm

Discussion in French, Q&A in French or English

Booking in advance is advised.
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(Source: Institut Francais d’Ecosse,