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Annie Ernaux in conversation with Sally Rooney, Charleston Festival

Annie Ernaux in conversation with Sally Rooney, Charleston Festival published on

Annie Ernaux will be in conversation with Sally Rooney at the Charleston Festival on 29 May 2023.

‘In a rare visit to the UK, iconic French author Annie Ernaux, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize for Literature, joins us for a very special afternoon looking back on a career spanning over five decades.

One of the greatest authors writing today, Ernaux famously looks to her own life in her books, writing in her distinctively clean and brutally honest style. In conversation with Sally Rooney, bestselling author of ‘Normal People’, she reflects on a life writing about life and her own working-class upbringing.’

In partnership with the Institut Français.

(Source: Charleston festival)

‘Annie Ernaux and us’ at the French Institute, Edinburgh

‘Annie Ernaux and us’ at the French Institute, Edinburgh published on

The Scottish French Institute will celebrate Annie Ernaux’s Nobel Prize in Literature. The event will emphasise the universal dimension of Ernaux’s work started in the 1970s and focus on the reader’s experience. Book excerpts will be read to the audience, and a discussion will examine some of the key themes in Ernaux’s work, at the crossroad between literature, sociology, history, politics and feminism. Attendants will comment on the significance of her texts in their lives.

Participants: Fabien Arribert-Narce (Edinburgh), Tamzin Elliott (Edinburgh), Catherine Guiat (IFE), Elise Hugueny-Léger (St-Andrews), Caroline Verdier (Strathclyde), Ed Welch (Aberdeen)

Annie Ernaux and us, Thursday 26 January at 6pm

Discussion in French, Q&A in French or English

Booking in advance is advised.
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(Source: Institut Francais d’Ecosse,

Annie Ernaux wins Nobel Prize in Literature

Annie Ernaux wins Nobel Prize in Literature published on

The Swedish Academy has awarded the Literature Nobel Prize to Annie Ernaux. Their announcements reads: “Her work is uncompromising and written in plain language, scraped clean. And when she with great courage and clinical acuity reveals the agony of the experience of class, describing shame, humiliation, jealousy or inability to see who you are, she has achieved something admirable and enduring.”

Un grand bravo, Annie!

Publication of ‘Getting Lost’

Publication of ‘Getting Lost’ published on


Today we’re seeing the publication of Getting Lost, the translation of Ernaux’s Se perdre (2001) – the diary written at the time of her romance with a Russian diplomat. Translated by Alison L. Strayer for the first time, Getting Lost is being published by Fitzcarraldo editions in the UK and by Seven Stories Press in the USA.

‘L’événement’/ ‘Happening’ wins Golden Lion

‘L’événement’/ ‘Happening’ wins Golden Lion published on

Audrey Diwan’s ‘Happening’ (L’événement) has won the Golden Lion in Venice for best film. Adapted from Ernaux’s autobiographical account, the film features Anamaria Vartolomei as Anne Duchesne, a student seeking a back-street abortion at a time when it was illegal in France.

Launch of the ‘Annie Ernaux e-museum’

Launch of the ‘Annie Ernaux e-museum’ published on

Set up and curated by Michèle Bacholle, who is also the author of many essays and a book on Ernaux, this ‘Musée Annie Ernaux‘ website provides an exploration into the main places which inhabit Ernaux’s writings – and in turn, the reader’s imagination. Through photographs and critical notes, Bacholle invites us to ‘enter’ these places.

Annie Ernaux e-museum, screen capture